David and preuzzi drug my drink and try to kill me, the way he killed his friends

Peruzzi's former boss, King Patrick went to Hiptv to expose Davido for the fraud he is, claiming the five star artist tried to kill him the way he killed his three friends Tagbo, Dj Olu and Chime two years ago.
Patrick also said he would expose Davido secrets he said the first one is that most of his songs are owned by Peruzzi and he is owing him #45 million royalties fee.
He also said Chioma and Peruzzi are not cousins but in relationship with each other and drop her off as her cousin to Davido in order to gain more favour.
King Patrick also said Davido and his crew came all the way to Abuja to beg him but he won't accept his plead he want his money or else more secrets would be exposed.

Pete edochie need to be advised and stopped from spreading his archaic belief on others

Proposals are always what most ladies look forward to as the moment is always cute and priceless.
However, veteran actor, Pete Edochie seem to have a different mindset about proposals as he's of the opinion that Men shouldn't kneel to propose.
His belief is surrounded by Nigeria's tradition as he's of the opinion that a man kneeling during proposals means he's handling over authority to the woman to become the head of the family
In his words: " kneeling to propose to a last is totally wrong, it's not our lifestyle. Kneeling before a girl in if Igbo tradition means handing over authority, she becomes the head of the family. "
"When a lady kneels during the traditional marriage, that means the man has been accepted as the husband of the lady. It's the last who kneels not vice verse."
"So it's our duty to correct the children of this generation. I have lived with my wife for 50 years and no one gas ever settled our dispute but I didn't propose to her kneeling down. I proposed my interest and she yielded after assessment."
Our brothers who traveled abroad with their wives come home empty-handed because the law over there supports women and disposes of men of their properties. We can't practice such in Igboland. "
Personally, I think this is absurd, i actually don't see anything wrong in kneeling to propose, I don't subscribe to Pete Edochie's school of thoughts, it's Archaic.
He should be stopped from imposing his belief unto others, there is a generational gap which means the way things were done in his time can't be the same now.
I hope he understands that his words can actually influence people, this is not his call to decide how proposals should be done.

3 powerful Bible verses to read every morning before going out

Revelation 12:11. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.
Isaiah 54:17. No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.
Psalms 118:17. I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.
Always remember the word of God can save. Do have a wonderful time.

Yahoo boy's now rent apartment for their babalawos in lekki

In a new social media funk, a it’s been alleged that internet fraudsters, “Yahoo boys” actually rent apartments for their ritualists “Babalawo” who aid their fraudulent activities using voodoo.
According to a tweet shared by a user, these Yahoo boys now rent apartments for their Babalawos becasue they don’t want them to be distant from them.
And in reply to the tweet, another user said it’s not a new thing as it’s purportedly been going on for a while, another tweep even claimed one of his friends had to leave his apartment because of that situation. Follow the thread below:

you may be robbed in traffic, if you ignore these 8 signs

The festive season is over and work has resumed
for many, it is therefore very important that motorists take precautionary measures to avoid being robbed off in traffic.
Here are a 8 measures you can put in place to avoid being a victim this 2020
Except in the case of a malfunctioning or broken-down vehicle, it is advisable to avoid parking in isolated areas. Hoodlums and thieves are known to prefer to attack in remote, isolated or dark areas. If your car has a fault, it is important that you stay in the car, put on your hazard lights and call for assistance.
This is a rule you must stick to, whether or not the air conditioning system of your vehicle is functioning, avoid winding the side windows down completely. This is because you could be distracted from outside while someone picks up your phone, bags and other items. It is advisable that if you have to keep your windows down, make sure the spaces left would not permit a hand to go through.
We know this is a difficult thing to ask especially with the kind of drivers we have in the city and cost of panel beating and respraying, but not coming down could save you a lot more. It is important that you try not to overreact. If you must come down, keep your valuables out of sight, alight from the car and lock the doors immediately. Never leave your doors wide open or unlocked while you are arguing with whoever bashed your car.
Thieves are known to approach unsuspecting drivers with the claims that they have a punctured tyre or with the allegation that you brushed their car. Stay in the car, keep it locked and wind up your window. If it is a flat tyre drive till you get to a safe place and then check.
For several reasons, it is advisable that you keep your phones away when in traffic especially if you are the only passenger in the vehicle. Your phone could be snatched by thieves walking by or on bikes. In some cases, thieves have judged the possible wealth of the passenger by looking at what phone is being used. It is better safe than sorry. If you must use a phone for calls, please receive your calls using a hands-free or ear piece.
It is a good thing to give lifts to random people with your vehicle, especially in the early hours of the morning or after a heavy downpour, but you have to be careful when deciding to do so. Thieves can pose as stranded people to gain access into your vehicle. Be vigilant and follow your intuition.
It is advised that you get a window protection from possible smashing by thieves. There are several reliable companies who offer such protective services. A tint will also protect what you do in the vehicle from prying eyes and give you that added level of privacy. You should also install a vehicle locking and tracking device to ensure that in the event your vehicle is taken, it can be located and retrieved.
Keeping your items out of sight is the number one rule. It is important that you do not leave your valuables in the vehicle. Valuable items such as laptops, designer bags, gadgets are known to attract thieves who could approach with tricks of distractions or could break your side glass to gain access to them. The safest place to keep such items are in the trunk (boot) of your car

how to run your generators for hour's with little fuel

Factually almost every sphere of life is attached to petrollium products. In Nigeria setting,we use fuel domestically likewise officially.Even the country's economy ought to have gained more momentum but due to the level of corruption and poor execution of government policies ,our economy remains stagnant and life becoms miserable.Are you with me?Okay now,let us go for the business.
This article focuses on the simple scientific trick to spend less on fuel in running our generators,motorcycles and cars .
It is simple as ABC.This method has been tested and trusted.When this secret was revealed to me, I thought it was a scam.Not until I tried it.It is a cheapest way of reducing the expenses you incure on fuel.You have nothing to loose.
How will you go about it?

Simply pick up four small stones like the size of the ones in the picture above and insert them into the tank of your generating set, your bikes or your cars and fill it up with fuel.That is all.Continue to enjoy double value of your money. Take for example, previously your generating set used to consume 20 litres of fuel within 8 hours,now the value will be doubled.Instead of the usual 8 hours, you will now enjoy this for good 16 hours.
Unlike generator,both the bike and the car users will also experience the same but the durabillty of the that fuel depends on the distance they cover.I hope this is simple and clear?
Note that these stones are riverside stones and there is nothing special about them.

how to know the level of your gas in your cylinder, without shaking it

Many people tend to shake their gas cylinder to know if anything is still remaining in it or to know the level it is. That is a very wrong move that puts you in a risk of explosion. Never shake your gas cylinder no matter the situation, even if you feel it has gone to zero. Their is still a great tendency for explosion if care is not taken.
If you want to know the level of gas in your cylinder, simply follow these few steps.

1. Bring out the gas cylinder to a broad place.

2. Fetch a cup of water

3. Bend to the side of the cylinder

4.Pour the water from top to the bottom on the side of the cylinder

5.Leave it for sometime, the empty side will dry up while the place that still contains gas inside will still remain hydrated.

See picture below.....

Very simple and safe, just for your safety. Never shake the cylinder anymore. Hope this info is helpful, like and share and stay put to my channel for continued update of such info and many more. Don't forget to comment if you don't know what to write just say hi that's the height of appreciation that this info was helpful to you..... See you next time.

avoid this things when driving an automatic car

Automatic transmission cars are easy to drive. Though the mechanism involved in an automatic transmission is complex. Due to their complexity, automatic transmissions are expensive to repair. In order to maintain a vehicle with an automatic transmission gearbox, here are a few things you shouldn’t do in an automatic transmission vehicle.
Using ‘Park’ As a Break:
Never put your car on “P” while the car is moving. The locking mechanism which is a pin, prevents the car from moving when it’s in “Park”. The Pin is called a Park Pawl. The Park Pawl acts as a lock in between the gears. This pin stops the gears from rotating, which prevents the car from moving. Therefore suddenly shifting the gear to “Park” risks damaging the park mechanism.
Not Paying Attention to Transmission Fluid:
The time required to check on transmission fluids isn’t much and it certainly doesn’t cost that much to change the fluid. It is always better to spend a little on preventive maintenance than to have to pay for complete repairs. It should be noted that there are separate transmission fluids for ATF and CVT transmissions. Adding ATF fluid in a car with CVT Transmission or vise versa would damage transmission system and it will have to be replaced.
Shifting to Neutral When Going Down the Hill:
Putting the car on neutral while the car is moving downhill is not recommended at all. This is because when the car is in neutral, you have no control over the speed at which, the car is travelling. A lot of people believe that they are saving fuel when the car is descending in neutral, this however isn’t the case. Most modern automatic transmission systems cut the fuel supply of the car while the car is moving downhill.
Revving the Car to Launch it:
Revving the engine in neutral and shifting it to drive to launch it can damage the automatic transmission. An automatic transmission gearbox has bands and clutches, which can get worn off prematurely due to excessive stress and pressure applied to them. When revving, the bands and clutches tend to slip when the car launches.
Shifting Between Gears While Car is Moving:
Always make sure that you come to a complete stop when shifting gears in an automatic transmission. Bands and clutches are responsible for gear changes in an automatic transmission. These bands and clutches have friction material linings in them, which last a life time. When the car is in motion and gears are shifted, a lot of load is applied to the bands and clutches, which damage the frictional material, ultimately damaging the transmission.
The above mentioned are just a few important things a driver should keep in mind when driving a vehicle with automatic transmission. It is recommended to get the transmission oil checked every 5000Km-7000Km. Always use the transmission oil recommended in the car’s owner manual.

son in-law impregnate mother in-law during Omugwo

A woman, Priscilla Kwange is presently in a dilemma after being impregnated by her son-in-law during the period she spent in their home for Omugwo, that is babysitting their new born child.
Mr. Christopher Chori, son-in-law to Mr. Silvanus Kwange is also in a very serious dilemma right now after impregnating his father-in-law’s second wife, Priscilla Kwange.
Sun Newspaper reports it thus:
Kwange’s marriage misfortunes
Mr. Kwange, a Tiv from Taraba State, has been married to his second wife for about 10 years. Their marriage came after he lost his first wife, Rose Kwange, to a fatal motor accident. But before she met her untimely death, the late Rose had a daughter and the only child, Faith, with Mr. Kwange.
It was after her death that her widower husband got married to Priscilla. But unfortunately, in the past 10 years, the couple  never had a child. And this development had always caused quarrels in their marriage as the man’s family members strongly believes that the fault is Priscilla’s. They cited Rose’s daughter, Faith, as proof of Kwange’s virility.
Living with fate after the departure of Faith
Sometime, towards the end of 2018, Faith, who had been married to Christopher for about four years but without a child to bless their union, suddenly took in and gave birth to a baby boy in May 2019. Good news! But the sad news is that she died shortly afterward, leaving the poor baby without a mother.
She was said to have died from complications which resulted from her delivery of the baby through caesarian section. She was buried within one week of the incident. Faced with such a difficult situation, Kwange asked his second wife to move to Lafia to assist with taking care of the newborn baby Faith left behind.
One thing led to the other, and after spending seven months in Lafia with her son-in-law who works with one of the federal government agencies, Priscilla  was found pregnant. Investigation shows that within that period, she had regular sex with her son-in-law. Pregnancy later became the result of her sexual escapades.
Kwange’s regrettable story
Right now, her husband, Mr. Sylvanus Kwange, an ex-service man, is livid with anger over the sordid development.
“That is to say, it is about seven months that I have not seen her. We only talk on the phone,” he said. “I know the importance of her coming to stay in Lafia for some period of time, to take care of the new born baby whose mother is late. I thought it was my own responsibility to help my son-in-law and the new baby of my late daughter. So, I allowed my own wife to come and help. “Is that an offence?”
When asked how he learnt about the abominable news. His words: “Two weeks ago, a friend ran into my wife in Lafia and called to tell me that he saw her with bulging stomach. I was speechless with shock and asked, how come? I didn’t want to believe it or confront her on the phone. She has been here since June last year. I decided to visit them to also see how the little boy is doing. I was coming with so much joy, not knowing that I was coming to meet disaster waiting for me.
Pastor hires assassins to kill female rival
When I got to the house of my son-in-law, I met the shock of my life as I saw my own wife with a protruding stomach. I stood transfixed to the spot as I looked at her, trying to recall if there was any time she told me she was pregnant but I could not remember.
“I quickly asked my wife what happened and she broke down and confessed that Mr. Chori seduced her and they had sex and it became frequent and the result was the pregnancy. She started begging me for forgiveness.
She said that she actually allowed him to have his way as a way of checking her fertility status and it turned out to be this way and that she refused to abort it because she has spent 10 solid years with me without a child. She said it is almost getting late as she is no longer getting younger. She pleaded with me not to cause her any embarrassment or disgrace by exposing her to ridicule and shame.
She actually begged me to handle the matter in a mature way, but I’m yet to get out of the shock seeing my own wife impregnated by my own son-in-law. My anger knows no bounds. If it were during my days as a military man, I would have used my gun to kill the two of them. But if I do that now, I will be taking the law into my hands. What I will do now is to go back to Taraba. I have asked my wife not to come back to my house. As for Christopher Chori, I leave him to his conscience.”
Chori’s side of the story and battle with conscience
Christopher Chori tells his own side of the story below:
“After the death and burial of my wife, my mother-in-law came to stay with me here in Lafia, to help look after the baby because my mother is no longer alive; she died many years ago. I work with one of the federal government agencies in Lafia. My younger sister who is equally staying with me is in SS2 and could not combine her studies with taking care of the baby. So my father-in-law asked his wife to come because his first wife who happens to be my real mother-in-law is late.
“I live in two-bedroom apartment. So when she came to take care of the baby with the assistance of my younger sister, I left one of the rooms for them to use while I stay in the other room but I come home regularly to check on them and to ensure that she does not lack anything especially when my younger sister is out in school.
“In the first one month of her stay with me, nothing happened but during the second month, which was July 2019, something happened that left me with so much guilty feelings. My sister went to school. I did not go to work that day, leaving me and my mother-in-law alone in the house. It rained the previous night all through and the weather was very cold. I was checking on them in their room to see how my newborn baby was doing.
But when I opened the door, I was shocked to see my mother-in-law almost naked as she wore only lingerie with no underwear. I could clearly see the outline of her firm breasts and her private part. I tried to turn back but she said I should come in. When I hesitated, she walked up to me and grabbed me, asking me why I was behaving like a small boy. She asked whether she was not looking attractive to me. I told her I could not do what she had in mind with her as I saw her as my own mother as well as mother-in-law.
“But she disabused my mind and insisted that I must sleep with her. As a human being, I fell for the temptation and slept with her that day, and somehow it continued at any given opportunity. It became a daily routine as I was not going to work regularly.
As soon as my sister leaves for school and the boy is able to sleep, we would stay indoors and have sex all day and it later resulted in pregnancy but she refused to abort it. She said she has been longing for a child of her own. I cannot but blame myself for falling into such a temptation but then the deed has been done.
I feel very bad because there is no way my father-in-law would thump his chest and claim to be the owner of the pregnancy because she has spent some months in my house and she missed her period while staying here, not in her husband’s house.”
“I’m confused at the moment,” he said. “I don’t know what to do but the days ahead will surely bring a solution to this embarrassing situation.”
Priscilla’s lamentations
Of the three people involved in the tragedy, Priscilla seems to be the worst hit.
She explained: “I’m not proud of myself because apart from being a housewife, the victim is my son-in-law. My reason for teasing him was to test my fertility status since there was a golden opportunity and sticking to my husband in the past ten years has not yielded any result. I wanted to be sure of where the problem lies. Unfortunately, I took in. It was a wrong decision but I didn’t want to take the risk of aborting the baby as it may not come my way again.
Although, I didn’t want it made public, my husband has succeeded in exposing it. I admit I am guilty of allowing my son-in-law to impregnate me but I was also considering my condition, even though I never expected pregnancy to come. But since it has come, I will want to keep it even if he decides to push me out of his house, I can’t afford to die childless.”

This will happen if you eat 2 banana for a day, in two month

One of nature’s most underrated fruits, the bananas are one of the most popular foods in the world because of their perfect portion size, natural protective wrap and cheap price.
Eating 2 bananas a day can help you control your blood pressure, keep your bowels healthy, lose more weight and protect your eyesight.
Bananas contain the natural sugars sucrose and fructose which give them their sweet Flavour, but are also packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber which makes them a healthy addition to your lunch. In particular, bananas offer a decent amount of vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese and potassium.
The average banana contains 467 milligrams of potassium and only 1 milligram of sodium, which can protect against atherosclerosis. Besides the cardiovascular benefits, the potassium found in bananas helps promote bone health by decreasing the amount of calcium excreted through urine and preventing the bones from thinning out at a fast rate.
As with any other fruit, the nutrient content of bananas changes as they ripen. In this case, as a banana ripens and turns dark yellow, its levels of antioxidants that protect your body against heart diseases and cancer increase. 
And according to recent studies conducted in Japan, the full ripe bananas with dark patches on their skin produce the largest quantity of TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor), a cytokine that fights abnormal tumor cells in the body by stimulating the production of white blood cells and assisting their communication.
So, the riper the banana the better it’s immunity-boosting and anti-cancer properties – in fact, bananas with dark spots are 8 times more effective in improving the function of white blood cells than green bananas.
Research done on ripening bananas confirmed that TNF prevents tumor cells from growing and spreading. So instead of throwing away bananas that have developed dark spots with the assumption they’re rotten, eat them to get a nice boost of nutrients that can protect your health from various serious diseases


The Bible is not making a mistake when it says. “Train up a child in the way that he should go. And when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6).
Child training commences from the womb. A pregnant woman communicates, or should communicate with the child in her womb. Even caring fathers who understand this divine principle of connecting with their unborn child utilize every available opportunity to talk to the unborn baby.
Caring mums and dads speak definite words into the lives of their children long before they are born. These parents do not stop or go on recess when the childrenare born; they continue bonding with them. Parent-child bonding is one of the greatest fruitful bonding among human beings.
Training of infants is a continuation of the parent-child bonding that came into existence when the child was still in the womb. From the infancy stage till the pre-teen years, the type of parenting is basically total parenting. As the name implies, total parenting means that the parents are totally in charge of the child’s life.
This does not in any way remove the rights of the child. It only gives the parents some measure of dominance and control over the child. It is at this stage that most values are inculcated into the child.
As soon as the child becomes an adolescent, the game plan changes. There is a switch to cooperative parenting. Here, the parents are not in total control. The child, now referred to as teen is a major stake holder in decision making.
At this stage they question a lot of things and parents tend to get into lots of arguments with them.One of the reasons for this is the fact that they are now exposed to more external influences than when they were children. In addition, they have minds of their own, and some of them have started making their own plans for the future.
It is obvious that it will be difficult, if not impossible to knock off habits that have taken root in an individual from childhood to adolescence. Some of them will clutch these habits tightly and defend them vehemently.
Do you now see reasons with me why the most effective parenting period is the period between when a child is born and when they become adolescents?
In view of this, there are seven unwholesome habits that must be dealt with before the child crosses over to the adolescent and post-adolescent years. It will be fool hardy trying to handle those issues later. Some of those habits later degenerate into more terrible social vices if they were not dealt with in childhood, unless by divine intervention,.
The habits include:
This is very common in children. In fact it is one of those attributes of the Adamic nature one cannot explain how they cross over from one generation to the next. Children start to lie so early in life; long before they even get to understand basic concepts of life. If this tendency is not curtailed early enough the individual may grow up to become a chronic liar. There are some people who are so addicted to lies to the extent that even the truth sounds like lies in their mouth. If you don’t want your child to become one of such folks do everything within your power to instill truth consciousness into them before they become hardened and incorrigible. Remember that all liars shall go to hell (Revelations 21:8).
Laziness is a disease that kills intellect, ideas and wastes opportunities.A lazy man is a chronic non-achiever. He remains at the base perpetually; ever dreaming but never getting to the top. And this disease starts in childhood. Some children want everything to be done for them, including the things they can and should do for themselves. They just find it difficult to put their feet to the ground. Such children are good at manufacturing all manner of excuses to explain why they could not or should not do some things. Unfortunately, many parents constantly play into their hands. Give your children age-appropriate tasks and make sure they are up and doing. Don’t allow laziness in them, otherwise they will imbibe it as a way of life. And if they grow into adolescent with it, everyday you will keep fighting with them even to dress the bed on which they slept. There are many children who are gifted to be super stars and champions but laziness robbed them of those honourable positions. Let your children know from very early in life that laziness is forbidden in your home.
 This manifests in various forms like insatiable appetite, greed, selfishness, etc. Selfishness can be excused as one of the normal childish behaviours. But if it takes the turn of always craving for things and never being satisfied, or trying to monopolize what should be shared with others, then something needs to be done urgently. A greedy child will always be ungrateful and unhappy. And if it is condoned till later years of one’s life it becomes a serious problem. Many teenagers go into cultism and other vices because of lack of contentment. They are not content with what their parents give to them or to the opportunities they have in life. Some rob, maim or even kill others because of greed. They did not become robbers or killer overnight. It started in childhood. Or, the parents saw the signs but ignored them and assumed that the child would eventually outgrow it. Tackle lack of contentment and greed in your child now before it is too late.
 Some children are bullies right from when they were toddlers, and their parents know it. They bully every other child around them, sometimes to the glee of their parents. Ignorance makes some parents to hail their bully children instead of reprimanding them. Mums, especially take it that their baby is super strong or macho man. A bully child will grow into a bully teenager then later become a bully adult. You cannot reshape a dry wood; if you try to do so it may break or injure you. Therefore, if you know, as I am thinking you should, that the life of a bully is not something worthy of emulation then do everything possible to rid your young child of that tendency now. We have bully husbands today, physically abusing their wives because they were not tamed as children. There are also bully wives, although they are in the minority.
 I wonder how and why some people believe that a pilferer is not a thief. Many children indulge in pilfering right under their parents’ noses and no one takes it serious. They start from scooping milk from the milk container to picking pieces of meat from the soup pot. They graduate to taking few coins from their mummy’s purse to buy chocolates. Within a space of time he starts pilfering from friends and teachers in the school. All the while folks treat it with levity. As the child grows older, he has more pressing needs and starts taking things of higher value. With time, he gets hardened and becomes more daring and innovative in his pilfering business. Many of the dare-devil armed robbers we have today started with pilfering. Initially they thought it was a game and that they were being smart. And no one corrected them when their hearts were still impressionable. Take a very hard stand against any child that pilfers until the fellow is delivered totally. Use every possible and available tool, including prayers, counseling, different disciplinary measures, etc. to work on the child.
 I have seen a case where a child of less than 5 years held his parents and every member of the family to ransom until his wish was granted. It was not a one-time occurrence; it happened repeatedly. He would insist on whatever he wanted and stand by it until his desires are met, whether they were right or wrong. No one could control him; he was like a lord and his words were laws in the home. There are many other cases like this one. And the parents will make bold to tell you that he is only a child and will get over it when he grows older. Blatant lie! A stubborn, unruly child will grow into a stubborn and unruly adult, unless the fellow encounters Jesus and gives and surrenders to His Lordship. The child that challenges you or raises his hands against you now and you are not doing anything about it will haul stones at you as a preteen and may point the gun at your head when he becomes a teenager. If you cannot get them to listen or obey you as children, you will definitely have no say over them as adolescents.
 It is no longer news that children are overly exposed to adult contents these days. From the cartoons they watch to the product jingles and adverts on the TV screens. More are even calling their attention on the internet. The phones, laptops, game consoles and all other screens are full of contents that corrupt the minds of children. Are you aware that children as young as 4 years old are becoming addicted to pornography? And all these things are taking their toll on the moral life of our children. Many of them are indulging in immoral acts before their parents and while some ignorantparents assume that they are just playing with each other. You had better woken up before it is too late. Sit up and guide your children away from immorality if you notice them doing anything silly with themselves or with other children. It is addictive; once they start in that direction they may never stop. Adolescents naturally have problems managing their sexuality, but it becomes even more difficult if they had been exposed to such things as children. The number of porn stars and other sexual offenders we have today will reduce drastically if we start early to guide our children morally.
These 7 things mentioned have direct bearing to the life of every individual. Therefore, the earlier they are well managed in a child, the easier it becomes to raise that child into a responsible adult.

10 foods that kill you slowly.

It is funny the way we eat some foods,clean mouth,give comments that the food is sweet without knowing that we are dying little by little. A lot of foods we crave for aren't worth craving for. Below are some of the foods that kill us slowly;
(1) Sodas
Majority of us do crave for carbonated drinks to the extent that if we have not taken it in a day,we won't be our real self but little do we know we are dying small small. We are addicted to it. Soda can mess up everything. Carbonated drinks and sodas mess up with our blood sugar level and skin.
(2) Margarine
Cut margarine out of your daily consumption. My people,it is not healthy. In fact,it is one of the unhealthiest food in our diet. It is made from hydrogenated oils and it damage the blood vessels and heart. Butter is an option instead of margarine.
(3) Hot dogs
Hot dogs is what most people love to eat well. The effects of hot dogs and smoking of cigarettes has been compared and you know what that means. Hot dogs have toxins that increase the risk of cancer.
(4) Potato chips
Potato chips are not excepted. Most deep fried foods contain a chemical substance known as acrylamide. It increased the chance of breast cancer,rectum cancer and colon cancer.
(5) Barbecue
What most ladies loves. This is killing,it kill slowly and we can never know. The chemicals that enter the meat during the process increase the risk of pancreatic cancer and breast cancer.
(6) Fast food
They are what we love and it is everywhere. It is this same thing that kill slowly. They contain addictive,salts,sugars and eyes that make the food attractive. But,little do we know they increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases,diabetes,mood disorder and cancer.
(7) Wheat
Nowadays,most people substitute wheat for yam flour. I think it will be preferrable for us to go back to our yam flour. Wheat is a carbohydrate that greatly increased the sugar level which causes diabetes and high blood sugar level speed up aging process.
(8) Commercial juice
You don't need to be decieved by the flashy containers and this low sugar written on it. They contain addictives and colouring and destroy a lot of things in our body.
(9) Salt
It regular our blood pressure though but when consume excessively,it kills slowly.
(10) Alcohol
It contain high calories. It has no health benefits. It causes liver damage,skin damage,depression and mood disorder.
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3 days cure for blood pressure, ulcers, asthma, cough, diabetes and others

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πŸ‘‰ It's another opportunity to learn and appreciate the beauty of Nature..
πŸ‘‰List of Common Health concerns and first aid home remedy
Get unripe pawpaw, unripe pineapple, ginger, lime orange and Lipton tea.
πŸ‘‰Cut into pieces, boil with fermented corn water for one hour.
Take one glass cup 3 times daily for one week.
Get 7-8 unripe plantain, peel them, cut
them to pieces and pound. Put everything inside a plastic container, fill it with one gallon of water.
Allow it to ferment for three days.
Take one cup 2 times a day for one week.
πŸ‘‰3. ASTHMA:
 Get some seeds of mango, cut it into pieces and keep under the sun to dry. Grind to powder. Put one spoon of the powder into a glass cup of water, stir it and drink. Once in a
day for 3-4 weeks .
Get 5 seeds of English pear (Avocado pear), cut into pieces and dry under the sun, grind to
Mix with a glass of honey to form paste.
Take one spoon,3 times daily until the 6 days.
Get 4 seeds of English pear
(Avocado pear), cut into pieces, dry under the sun and grind into powder.
Put a teaspoon of this powder into your prepared palp and drink.
Once daily for 2 weeks.
πŸ‘‰6. PNEUMONIA: Get a handful of garlic, grind to extract the
juice. Drink a spoon and use the juice to rub the chest and back.
Get about 10 pieces of bitter cola, grind to powder, add half cup of original honey.
Take 2 spoons thricedaily for 4 days.
Get 20-23 pieces of bitter cola, ginger of
equal quantity and 3 bulbs of garlic. Grind everything and add a
bottle of original honey. Take one spoon thrice daily for one
πŸ‘‰10. Diabetes
Get a handful of bitter leaf and scent leaves,
squeeze out the water in them, add limejuice, grinded garlic and small potash.
Take half glass of it twice daily for one
Get 2 pieces of aloe-vera,cut into
pieces and put it in a container. Add one bottle of original honey
and a glass of water. Take half cup of it,2 times daily for one
Get some leaves of
Cochorus Olitorus(Vegetable Leaf),squeeze out the water and
give it to the woman under hard labour.She will deliver the
baby instantly.
Get the leaves of pawpaw, scent leaves and
bitter leaves, squeeze out the water. Take half cup twice daily
for 4 days.
Get 4-5 cola, ginger and garlic
,cut them in pieces .Mix it with lime orange juice and dilute with water in little quantity . Take 2 spoons daily for 3 days.
Get some corn silk, boil with lime orange
juice. Drink half cup of it daily for one week and also embark on
physical exercise.
Get 3-4 pieces of cola, ginger and garlic, cut
into pieces. Mix everything with lime orange juice. Take 2
spoons daily until, it is over.
Get some quantity of dry pawpaw leaves
and cashew leaves, boil with water and drink half cup daily for
one week.
πŸ‘‰20. INSOMNIA :
Add 3 spoons of honey into a glass cup of milk. Take all at bedtime for one week.
 Grind 12 bulbs of onions and 12 bulbs of
garlic together. Get 3 bottles of honey, mix together.
 Take 2 spoons thrice daily for 2 weeks.
πŸ‘‰23. TEETHING PROBLEMS IN CHILDREN : Get a mixture of lime
juice and honey; let it be of equal quantity. The child should take one teaspoon twice daily until the problem is over.
Get large quantity of guava leaves,pound,add water and filter.
Drink one glass cup thrice
per day for 1 week. As you are taking that, eat carrot and cucumber daily for 2 weeks.
Get 3 bulbs of Okro,slice them; get
the dry seed of it, ferment everything with soda water for 2 days. Take half cup daily for one week.
Get 6 bulbs of white onions, grind and
extract the juice. Mix the juice with honey. Take 2 spoons thrice
daily for one week.
Get 3 pieces of bitter cola, some
ginger and garlic, grind and add lime juice.
Dilute with water.
Take 2 spoons twice daily for one week.
Get one onion, small garlic and ginger, grind all. Mix with palm kernel oil. Give the child to drink
and use the mixture as cream for the child.
πŸ‘‰29. FIRE BURNS :
Rub the affected the area with pure honey
Get one bottle of olive oil and one bottle of
honey. Mix together and warm it for few minutes. Use the
mixture to wash your hair.
 Get some quantity of pumpkin leaves and
garden egg leaves, squeeze out the liquid, add milk. Drink it for three days; your blood will be boosted.
Eat small quantity of ginger
continuously for one week.
Get some okro bulbs, cut it into pieces and
pound. Add small water and honey and drink thrice in a day