10 foods that kill you slowly.

It is funny the way we eat some foods,clean mouth,give comments that the food is sweet without knowing that we are dying little by little. A lot of foods we crave for aren't worth craving for. Below are some of the foods that kill us slowly;
(1) Sodas
Majority of us do crave for carbonated drinks to the extent that if we have not taken it in a day,we won't be our real self but little do we know we are dying small small. We are addicted to it. Soda can mess up everything. Carbonated drinks and sodas mess up with our blood sugar level and skin.
(2) Margarine
Cut margarine out of your daily consumption. My people,it is not healthy. In fact,it is one of the unhealthiest food in our diet. It is made from hydrogenated oils and it damage the blood vessels and heart. Butter is an option instead of margarine.
(3) Hot dogs
Hot dogs is what most people love to eat well. The effects of hot dogs and smoking of cigarettes has been compared and you know what that means. Hot dogs have toxins that increase the risk of cancer.
(4) Potato chips
Potato chips are not excepted. Most deep fried foods contain a chemical substance known as acrylamide. It increased the chance of breast cancer,rectum cancer and colon cancer.
(5) Barbecue
What most ladies loves. This is killing,it kill slowly and we can never know. The chemicals that enter the meat during the process increase the risk of pancreatic cancer and breast cancer.
(6) Fast food
They are what we love and it is everywhere. It is this same thing that kill slowly. They contain addictive,salts,sugars and eyes that make the food attractive. But,little do we know they increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases,diabetes,mood disorder and cancer.
(7) Wheat
Nowadays,most people substitute wheat for yam flour. I think it will be preferrable for us to go back to our yam flour. Wheat is a carbohydrate that greatly increased the sugar level which causes diabetes and high blood sugar level speed up aging process.
(8) Commercial juice
You don't need to be decieved by the flashy containers and this low sugar written on it. They contain addictives and colouring and destroy a lot of things in our body.
(9) Salt
It regular our blood pressure though but when consume excessively,it kills slowly.
(10) Alcohol
It contain high calories. It has no health benefits. It causes liver damage,skin damage,depression and mood disorder.
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