how to know the level of your gas in your cylinder, without shaking it

Many people tend to shake their gas cylinder to know if anything is still remaining in it or to know the level it is. That is a very wrong move that puts you in a risk of explosion. Never shake your gas cylinder no matter the situation, even if you feel it has gone to zero. Their is still a great tendency for explosion if care is not taken.
If you want to know the level of gas in your cylinder, simply follow these few steps.

1. Bring out the gas cylinder to a broad place.

2. Fetch a cup of water

3. Bend to the side of the cylinder

4.Pour the water from top to the bottom on the side of the cylinder

5.Leave it for sometime, the empty side will dry up while the place that still contains gas inside will still remain hydrated.

See picture below.....

Very simple and safe, just for your safety. Never shake the cylinder anymore. Hope this info is helpful, like and share and stay put to my channel for continued update of such info and many more. Don't forget to comment if you don't know what to write just say hi that's the height of appreciation that this info was helpful to you..... See you next time.

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