how to run your generators for hour's with little fuel

Factually almost every sphere of life is attached to petrollium products. In Nigeria setting,we use fuel domestically likewise officially.Even the country's economy ought to have gained more momentum but due to the level of corruption and poor execution of government policies ,our economy remains stagnant and life becoms miserable.Are you with me?Okay now,let us go for the business.
This article focuses on the simple scientific trick to spend less on fuel in running our generators,motorcycles and cars .
It is simple as ABC.This method has been tested and trusted.When this secret was revealed to me, I thought it was a scam.Not until I tried it.It is a cheapest way of reducing the expenses you incure on fuel.You have nothing to loose.
How will you go about it?

Simply pick up four small stones like the size of the ones in the picture above and insert them into the tank of your generating set, your bikes or your cars and fill it up with fuel.That is all.Continue to enjoy double value of your money. Take for example, previously your generating set used to consume 20 litres of fuel within 8 hours,now the value will be doubled.Instead of the usual 8 hours, you will now enjoy this for good 16 hours.
Unlike generator,both the bike and the car users will also experience the same but the durabillty of the that fuel depends on the distance they cover.I hope this is simple and clear?
Note that these stones are riverside stones and there is nothing special about them.

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