The woman who sexually molested me as a kid is now my lecturer, and she wants more

Growing up as a kid in Enugu state where my father was a civil servant, we lived in the government quarters and it was normal in those days for neighbors to visit each other and allow their kids to play together
Unlike these days where every parent consciously hide their kids from the neighbors.
We lived in a block of 6 flats, 3 on each side and we lived in the middle flat. The flat directly opposite us had a family too who was way older than us... Like their last born was my elder sister's senior.
Their father was always not around so the kids were always roaming free and had a kind of freedom I and my siblings never had but always wished for.
So this particular day, I was sick and so couldn't go to school. My parents had left for work and my siblings had also left for school. My mother innocently went to this neighbors place and asked the girl to take care of me... Note she just finished her Primary common entrance and was waiting for result thus she stayed at home alone.
I quite remember that day although it's almost 15 years now.
I had slept and woke up to discover I was in her room. She has just taken her bath and was out of the bathroom.
She later did things to me which I cannot mention here but things that have stuck to my memory since then.
As a kid, I couldn't understand what she did but I knew it wasn't good cause she kept looking out of the window and kept running out once in a while to check if the coast was clear.
After that period, their dad died and they had to move... that was the last I heard of them until that fateful day.
Facebook did a lot to make us keep in touch... with that memory still engraved in my head, I always wanted to see her again.
I went through her Facebook page but never sent her a friend request. So I knew what she looked like.
Years passed and I resumed class while in the university, as usual, to notice a lecturer that usually takes us on a particular course did not show up, our class rep now informed us we will be having another lecturer.
You cant imagine my shock when she walked in... looking all beautiful and innocent and... she spotted a ring.
I was stuck between introducing myself to her and just letting her be.
That course as it were, was not a child's play so I opted to see her at least who knows, I may get a pass and mind my business.
Yes, I did... we talked and reminisced over the past years but I'm in a dilemma now... she seems to want to continue from where she stopped.
Even with her being married and all, she seems not to care and I'm at a dilemma here.
If I refuse, I may have problems with my courses and If I agree, I'd be committing a great sin.

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