This is the new kidnapping tactics happening now

This just happened to a friend of mine who completed her NYSC last year and is currently looking for a job!I just had to share it so that someone else won’t fall a victim.We all know that after NYSC, the pressure of finding a good job is high and no one would like to stay in their parents houses without a job, so this makes most of us desperate and in search of any type of job.
Well, a friend of mine who concluded her NYSC last year has been sending her applications to different companies online through mails. She has sent her application to so many companies that she has lost count.
Two days ago (on Sunday), a woman called her and informed her that they got her job application and would want her to come to their office for an interview. According to her, she was so happy and excited. They told her they’ll send the address to her immediately and the interview would be the next day (On Monday). She wanted to tell her people but decided against it, saying it would be better to let them know after the interview or even after getting the job (so they won’t be disappointed if she eventually doesn’t get it).
So, on the day of the interview, she decided to take a cab to the address they sent to her the previous day. According to her, when she was inside the cab, that same number called her but this time, it was a man’s voice saying he’s the assistant to the woman that called her for a job, asking where she was. She told him she was already on her way to the address they gave her, and he told her there’s been a change of location, that another address would be sent to her, and he hung up the phone.
She said she was surprised at the sudden change but didn’t think too much of it. The new address came in and she had to tell the cab guy that there’s been a change in location (which he was angry about) but decided to turn around and head to the new location. She decided to use Google map to locate the place because the cab guy was already complaining, telling her she’s wasting his time and would have just used Uber or Bolt (since that’s what young people like using now). Few minutes later, her phone rang and it was the guy that called earlier and he asked where she was. She told him where she was currently and that she’s finding it difficult locating the exact place. He told her that she’s already close, and that she should come down from the cab and wait around her current location, that someone would come and get her. She was surprised at the type of ‘special’ treatment she’s getting and wondered what type of company that was, and that was when she realized she didn’t even ask the lady that called her that first time the name of the company. She figured maybe the lady told her but she wasn’t listening.
She got down from the cab and paid the cab guy and he drove off. She was still adjusting her dress when a ‘Keke na Pepe’ stopped in front of her and told her to enter. She asked him why and he replied “are you not the one coming for an interview”? She answered “yes”, and he told her he was sent to pick her up and take her to the office. At this point, she was slightly suspicious about the whole situation, so she decided to quickly call the number. The same guy answered the call and immediately asked her if she has seen the ‘Keke na Pepe’ that came to pick her up. She said she has seen it and before she could say any other thing, he told her to follow him immediately because the interview is about to start. According to her, she was becoming scared and uncomfortable but decided to take the chance and enter the ‘Keke na Pepe’, and the driver drove off.
When they were on the way, she tried making light conversations with the driver but he totally ignored her and kept driving. She asked him how long it’s going to take to get to the office and he replied “we’re almost there”. But close to ten minutes later, they still haven’t gotten to the place and she started panicking. She asked the driver why they haven’t gotten to the place yet and he replied “I told you we’ll get there soon, relax!”. At this point, her instincts are telling her something is wrong and that she needed to do something.
She told him to please stop the ‘keke na Pepe’ that she wants to ease herself, and he told her that she should try and wait when they get to the office. They suddenly entered an empty untarred road with no other vehicles or people around. She started feeling scared and brought out her phone from her bag and decided to call someone. The driver looked at her from the side mirror, suddenly stopped the ‘Keke’, held her hand and asked her “What are you doing, who are you calling?.. I told you we’re almost there”!. At this point, she concluded that something was definitely wrong because the driver was acting really weird, so she tried playing it cool and told him she was only trying to call the company and apologize for not being there yet, she even went ahead to show him her phone screen. According to her, that reply made him relax a bit and he turned around to start driving again. And she knew that was her chance to run. As he was starting the ‘Keke na Pepe’, he looked at her again through the side mirror and she pretended not to be panicked.
According to her, immediately he started the ‘Keke na Pepe’ and started moving, she said a prayer and quickly jumped out and started running back to where they came from with all her strength. As she was running, she heard the Keke stop and increased her speed without looking back. She eventually got to the bend that led to a main road and decided to look back, but didn’t see the driver. She kept running and finally got to an open area where she saw few people and calmed down a bit. She quickly entered a bus and went home.
When she got home and told her people about what happened, they tried calling the number that contacted her, but the number has been switched off. And because she doesn’t know the particular company that called her, there’s no way to find out the people that tried to kidnap her. And they later found out that the first address sent to her was a random supermarket but the second address was fake. Anyway, everyone is thanking God for saving her life this early new year.
Now, the confusing questions are:
  1. Does it mean that kidnappers now pose as companies online to kidnap people?
  2. If she didn’t actually send her application to the kidnappers online, how did they get a hold of her information?
  3. And does it mean they now intentionally use female voices at first, so you won’t suspect anything?
Please, if anyone has ideas to any of these questions, please let me know in the comment section. And if you’re a professional in job seeking or something like that, what advise do you have for job seekers who are fresh graduates and have no clue about the issue?

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