The woman who sexually molested me as a kid is now my lecturer, and she wants more

Growing up as a kid in Enugu state where my father was a civil servant, we lived in the government quarters and it was normal in those days for neighbors to visit each other and allow their kids to play together
Unlike these days where every parent consciously hide their kids from the neighbors.
We lived in a block of 6 flats, 3 on each side and we lived in the middle flat. The flat directly opposite us had a family too who was way older than us... Like their last born was my elder sister's senior.
Their father was always not around so the kids were always roaming free and had a kind of freedom I and my siblings never had but always wished for.
So this particular day, I was sick and so couldn't go to school. My parents had left for work and my siblings had also left for school. My mother innocently went to this neighbors place and asked the girl to take care of me... Note she just finished her Primary common entrance and was waiting for result thus she stayed at home alone.
I quite remember that day although it's almost 15 years now.
I had slept and woke up to discover I was in her room. She has just taken her bath and was out of the bathroom.
She later did things to me which I cannot mention here but things that have stuck to my memory since then.
As a kid, I couldn't understand what she did but I knew it wasn't good cause she kept looking out of the window and kept running out once in a while to check if the coast was clear.
After that period, their dad died and they had to move... that was the last I heard of them until that fateful day.
Facebook did a lot to make us keep in touch... with that memory still engraved in my head, I always wanted to see her again.
I went through her Facebook page but never sent her a friend request. So I knew what she looked like.
Years passed and I resumed class while in the university, as usual, to notice a lecturer that usually takes us on a particular course did not show up, our class rep now informed us we will be having another lecturer.
You cant imagine my shock when she walked in... looking all beautiful and innocent and... she spotted a ring.
I was stuck between introducing myself to her and just letting her be.
That course as it were, was not a child's play so I opted to see her at least who knows, I may get a pass and mind my business.
Yes, I did... we talked and reminisced over the past years but I'm in a dilemma now... she seems to want to continue from where she stopped.
Even with her being married and all, she seems not to care and I'm at a dilemma here.
If I refuse, I may have problems with my courses and If I agree, I'd be committing a great sin.

Top 10 richest men in Africa and their car

Do you know Nigeria boasts the 1st and 2nd positions in the list of 10 richest men in Africa? Wow! Let's explore how rich they are and what kind of luxurious assets such as cars they drive!
The list of the richest men in Africa was released by Forbes magazine in January 2020. There was no significant difference in the positions but there was a magnificent drop in their net worth. Two Nigerians maintained the first and second positions, with only one woman making the top 10 list.
Regardless of these billionaires having a business mindset, they also know how to live large. They spend a fortune on pricey apartments and luxury cars, leaving no stone unturned wherever they go. We know you would be interested in knowing what kind of automobiles wealthy people in the continent drive. Here is a list of the top 10 richest men in Africa and their cars.

10 richest men in Africa & the cars they drive

#10. Patrice Motsepe (South Africa) - worth 900 billion naira

In 2008, Africa registered it's first dollar billionaire. No it wasn't Dangote. It was Patrice Motsepe. His company, African Rainbow minerals is popular for mining gold in South Africa and he's also the owner of the famous Mamelodi sundowns football club.
Patrice Motsepe is married with kids and drives a wide range of fancy cars like the 35 million naira Bentley Continental GT, Mercedes Benz S65 AMG, 24 million naira BMW 760 Li and Bugatti.
Cars owned by Patrice Motsepe

#9. Mohamed Mansour (Egypt) - worth 900 billion naira

Loufty Mansour founded the Mansour group in 1952. He died about 25 years later and left a chunk of the stake for his son, Mohamed Mansour. The company now employs more than 58,000 workers and was pioneer distributor of General Motors cars in Egypt years after it became the biggest distributor of the brand's cars in the world. Mohammed's brothers, Youssef and Yasseen are also billionaires but Mohammed is richer. He also drives the best cars.
Mohamed Mansour, his crib and car collection

#8. Isabel dos Santos (Angola) - worth 900 billion naira

Even though many people argue that Isabel dos Santos got her wealth as a result of her father's dictatorship, it still doesn't make her poor. She was the head of Angola's oil organization, Sonangol. She stepped down in 2017 when a new president took over from her dad who has been in power for decades. She also has shares in companies in Portugal and around the world. Isabel is the richest woman in Africa in 2019.
Isabel dos Santos is also a lover of luxury cars and drives a Range Rover, a 25 million naira Mercedes Benz C class and owns a yacht known as the Hayken.
Besides exotic cars, Isabel also owns a Hayken yacht

#7. Naguib Sawiris (Egypt) - worth 1.1 trillion naira

Remember Nassef at number 4 on our list of top 10 richest men in Africa and their cars? Well, Naguib Sawiris is his brother. He sold the telecommunications division of their company to Vimpelcom, a Russian firm in 2011 for trillions of naira. But he still has stakes in gold mining companies like Golden stay, Endeavour mining and Evolution mining. Naguib Sawiris ranks #370 among the world's 500 richest people.
Naguib Sawiris owns a yacht, 50 million naira Range Rover Sport and other fancy automobiles.
The Range Rover Sport is his everyday ride

#6. Issad Rebrab (Algeria) - worth 1.4 trillion naira  

Cevital, the biggest private company in Algeria is owned by Issad Rebrab and family. He founded the company that owns Groupe Brandt (a French appliance manufacturer), a water purification company in Germany and a steel mill in Italy. Issad Rebrab is listed in Forbes' list of 5 Algerian multi-millionaires. All five of his children are employed by the company and they are planning on expanding productions in Brazil.
Issad owns various cars like the BMW X series and a Bentley.
He chooses the BMW X-Series and a Bentley for his everyday rides
The Issad Rebrab estate

#5. Johann Rupert & family (South Africa)- worth 1.9 trillion naira  

Anton Rupert founded the Rembrandt group in the mid 1940s in Switzerland. The company is known for making some of the world's most expensive luxury items. After a split, Anton's son, Johann Rupert became chairman of the Compagnie Financiere Richemont division, parent company of Mont Blanc and Cartier. He also has a stake in Remgro the other split half. He is one of the richest South Africans alive and is against the oil exploration going on in his hometown, Karoo in south Africa.
Johann is also a lover of cars as he drives an 85 million naira Ferrari Lusso GT, a Porsche Cayenne and over 185 other vintage cars in his private museum.
Johann Rupert has one of the largest collection of vintage sports cars besides latest models he drives in South Africa

#4. Nassef Sawiris (Egypt) - worth 2.3 trillion naira   

The Sawiris family is the wealthiest in the whole of Egypt. But the notable names in the family are Nassef and Naguib. Nassef Sawiris is head of the OCI arm of the Orascom group. That division prides itself as the largest producer of nitrogen fertilizers in the world. They have factories in Iowa and Texas, United States of America. OCI is listed on Amsterdam stock exchange. Nassef is Adidas's largest shareholders and popular cement manufacturing company, LaFarge.
Nassef Sawiris drives some of the best cars in Egypt and Dubai like the 2019 Audi Q5.
An Audi Q5 owned by Nassef

#3. Nicky Oppenheimer & family (South Africa) - worth 2.7 trillion naira  

The Oppenheimer family are known to control a huge part of South Africas wealth. The heir to the family's wealth, Nicky Oppenheimer, once had a 40% stake in DeBeers, South Africas main diamond mining firm. In mid 2012, the shares were bought for more than 1.8 trillion naira by Anglo American. But what many people don't know is that Nicky actually has a 1 percent stake in the same company he sold the shares to. A company founded in 1917 by his granddad. See? Money revolves in the family.
Nicky and his siblings own private jets, yachts, the latest Mercedes Benz Mclaren, and a 75 miillion naira BMW i3 EV.
The Nicky Oppenheimer house
Nicky being handed his brand new BMW i3 electric vehicle

#2. Mike Adenuga (Nigeria) - worth 3.3 trillion naira - The second richest man in Africa

The owner and chairman of the 3rd largest telecommunications operator in Nigeria, Globacom (GLO), is the 2nd richest man in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Mike Adenuga had made a name for himself in the past in the oil sector. He owns Conoil filling station and over 5 oil blocks in the country's oil rich Niger delta region. He used to be a cab driver in the US while studying for his masters in business administration in New York. He is married and is father to controversial businessman Paddy Adenuga.
Mike Adenuga owns a private jet and drives a 35 million naira Bentley Continental GT, a Rolls-Royce, a Mercedes AMG G63 among other expensive cars.
How rich is Mike Adenuga? All Mike Adenuga House, Private Jet, Luxuries & Company
He owns a massive mansion too
Mike Adenuga is enthusiastic about cars and jets

#1. Aliko Dangote (Nigeria) – worth 3.7 trillion naira - The richest man in Nigeria and Africa

The richest man in Nigeria and Africa, Aliko Dangote, maintains the number one position for almost a decade. He is the chairman and founder of the Dangote Group, the parent company of the largest cement producer in Africa - Dangote Cement. There are also other subsidiaries that produce flour, sugar, salt and tomato paste. As the shareholder of over 87% of the company's shares, he amasses the most wealth. He was worth about 5 trillion naira 3 years ago.
Aliko drives some of the most expensive cars in the world, including a Bugatti Veyron ($2.2million), a Maybach 57S Knight Luxury ($1million) and a Bentley Mulsanne ($310,000). You can view Aliko Dangote's whole car collection here.
Aliko Dangote and his cars
According to GoCompare, Aliko Dangote earns around ₦14.5 million per day. By a simple calculation, he need just 55 days to earn enough for the cost of his ₦792 million Bugatti Veyron!
The Aliko Dangote mansion in Kano
Nigeria takes 2 top positions in the list of 10 richest men in Africa.

7 killed in fatal accident on Abuja - lokoja

Seven passengers lost their lives in a an auto crash which occurred yesterday morning at Gada -Biyu village, on Abuja- Lokoja road.
An eye witness, Usman Bala, said the crash happened around 4:34 am and involved a Sharon Volkswagen bus with registration number KFE 233ZF.
He said the bus was allegedly speeding when it lost control and crashed into a broken down diesel truck with registration number; WAS 119 XA, killing seven passengers on the spot.
He said some passengers were trapped in the wreckage and officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) came with an extricating machine to remove the corpses from the mangled bus.
When contacted, the Abaji unit commander of the FRSC, ACC Olasupo Esuruoso, confirmed the accident, which he attributed to speed limit violation and loss of control.
He said six men and one female were killed in the accident, saying their corpses have been deposited at the Abaji General Hospital.
He said the command immediately reached out to the Yangoji unit command which came with an extricating machine to remove the trapped bodies through a combined effort of the Abaji and Yangoji FRSC commands.
It was learnt that the seven deceased passengers were traders travelling in a chartered bus conveying goods from Aba and heading to Keffi in Nasarawa State.

he promised to marry me once his back from Italy and I have waited for him for 18years.

I spent 18 years waiting for him to return back and marry me -Edo Lady cry out
I spent 18 years ready for him to return again and marry me -Edo Lady laments As shared by way of relationship expert, Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah.
My title is Omosigho and I am from Edo country I am engaged to a man named Osas for 18 years and but he has fixed a date for our wedding. Early 2002 my boyfriend approached me for cash to tour to Italy, he said he had about 70% of the cash already and just wishedmoney for ticket and BTA. That used to behow I bought my father's land and gave him the proceed to journey abroad. He promised that when he settles down he would ship for me.
Every year he would send a delegation to my family assuring them of his allegiance towards our marriage. Nine years ago my father knowledgeable me that my boyfriend had a son for a white girland that I should cross on with my life.
I queried Osas about his white baby and he said it was once all for papers and nothing much. Now I simply discovered he has two extrakids for his white lady and yet he nonetheless promises to come and get married to me announcing the white family may not come to Nigeria.

how to heal cracked keel like magic.

Well-groomed feet are important for reasons that go beyond the aesthetic. Though it is not commonly known, our feet actually affect our general health. Nevertheless, they are often neglected. Using this simple method, it’s easy to put more effort into caring for your feet, and the results are really impressive!
We like to invest in regular pedicures, but this can quickly become very expensive. And often, recommended foot products are either hard to come by, or not so practical.
Now you can make your very own foot care product all by yourself. The best part? All the ingredients are waiting in your kitchen!
Ingredients Needed:
1. 4 cups of milk
2. 3 Tablespoons of baking powder
Directions :
1. Boil the milk
2. Pour it into a bowl large enough for your feet
3. Add baking powder and mix well
4. Make sure it is not too hot
5. Relax and let your feet soak for 10 minutes
6. Rinse your feet with warm water and dry them thoroughly
7. For best results, repeat this daily

10 difference between slay Queen and prostitutes

Today we will be discussing and looking at the Differences Between Slay Queens and Prostitutes.
One is a Private Sector while the Other is Public Sector
Place Of work
Prostitutes work in public while Slay Queens work in private
3 Prostitute sleeps with who ever have money, while Slay Queens only sleeps with the rich
4 Prostitutes Don't Slay. you pay and get exactly the service you pay for. Unlike Slay queens
5 Prostitute always insist on the use of condoms, while Slay Queens don't because they want to please their helpers
6 Slay Queens are the denial of prostitution, unlike prostitute who are proud of their job
7 Slay Queens are like Private Schools, very expensive while Prostitute are like Government School Very Affordable
8 Slay Queens advertise and sell their market on instagram, while Prostitute advertise and sell on the street
9 One is the Other, But the other is not one. Slay Queen is prostitution on the high level, while prostitutes are not slay queens
10 at the long run the Difference is same.

perruzi hand cuffed and arrested

One of Nigeria popular singer known as Tobechukwu Victor Okoh popularly known as Peruzzi shared a new photo on his instagram page where he was handcuffed and arrested.
According to one of his fans on instagram he said perruzi was arrested because of too much vibes. The singer obviously has a new video in the video he was arrested and being interrogated but he is yet to reveal the name of his new video.
Could this be the video of his new song Gunshots? His fans are waiting for him to release the new video.

Drink tea to reduced your risk of a heart disease and stroke

A cup a day could help keep the doctor away — and increase your lifespan. That’s according to research by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.
In it, researchers suggest that drinking tea three or more times a week can lead to improved cardiovascular health and a longer life. In their large-scale, long-term study, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing tracked 100,902 participants with no prior history of heart attack, stroke, or cancer.
This group was split into two cohorts: those who drank tea three or more times a week and those who didn’t. After follow-ups for a median time of 7.3 years, researchers determined that those who drank tea more frequently were more likely to stay healthy for a longer period of time.
Habitual tea drinkers were found to be 20 percent less likely to develop heart disease and stroke, 22 percent less likely to die from heart disease and stroke, and 15 percent less likely to die of other causes. A subset of slightly more than 14,000 people was also assessed in a follow-up study.
Those who kept their tea-drinking habit in both studies saw more pronounced benefits, including a 56 percent lower risk of fatal heart disease and stroke.

use your Android phone as home security camera without Internet.

In this tutorial today, I will show you guide on how to use your Android phone as a home CCTV/security camera
Material you need to have 2 Android’s phone created from 2010 up-to-date.
use one of the phone to download an application in the play store, in the search bar type BLUETOOTH VIDEO STREAMING
>>>> You’ll see an application like this one download it and install it on your phone
>>> After you’ve successfully download the app and install it on your phone, send it to another phone you want to use
Note: As you know that CCTV camera must have two applications the one will record/Livestream a video and the other one will stand as your viewing television.
>>>>So now you have your two mobile phone and installed apps in both phones
>>>>Open the application in both two mobile phone
Note: there’s two options
1. Send
2. Receive
>>>> Press send on the phone you want to record/Livestream the video
>>>> Press receive in the phone you want to receive/whatch a livestreamed video
>>>> Press allow on both phones to allow the Bluetooth to connect.
From there the two mobile phone will connect in which the Livestream phone will record a video and send it to the receiving phone.
Benefits:- The application has The ability to send you the video to a distance of 300 metres or more and it’s free application.
I have tested it to be working and has no much advertisement on it.
You are not in need of internet connection to Livestream your videos.

This is the new kidnapping tactics happening now

This just happened to a friend of mine who completed her NYSC last year and is currently looking for a job!I just had to share it so that someone else won’t fall a victim.We all know that after NYSC, the pressure of finding a good job is high and no one would like to stay in their parents houses without a job, so this makes most of us desperate and in search of any type of job.
Well, a friend of mine who concluded her NYSC last year has been sending her applications to different companies online through mails. She has sent her application to so many companies that she has lost count.
Two days ago (on Sunday), a woman called her and informed her that they got her job application and would want her to come to their office for an interview. According to her, she was so happy and excited. They told her they’ll send the address to her immediately and the interview would be the next day (On Monday). She wanted to tell her people but decided against it, saying it would be better to let them know after the interview or even after getting the job (so they won’t be disappointed if she eventually doesn’t get it).
So, on the day of the interview, she decided to take a cab to the address they sent to her the previous day. According to her, when she was inside the cab, that same number called her but this time, it was a man’s voice saying he’s the assistant to the woman that called her for a job, asking where she was. She told him she was already on her way to the address they gave her, and he told her there’s been a change of location, that another address would be sent to her, and he hung up the phone.
She said she was surprised at the sudden change but didn’t think too much of it. The new address came in and she had to tell the cab guy that there’s been a change in location (which he was angry about) but decided to turn around and head to the new location. She decided to use Google map to locate the place because the cab guy was already complaining, telling her she’s wasting his time and would have just used Uber or Bolt (since that’s what young people like using now). Few minutes later, her phone rang and it was the guy that called earlier and he asked where she was. She told him where she was currently and that she’s finding it difficult locating the exact place. He told her that she’s already close, and that she should come down from the cab and wait around her current location, that someone would come and get her. She was surprised at the type of ‘special’ treatment she’s getting and wondered what type of company that was, and that was when she realized she didn’t even ask the lady that called her that first time the name of the company. She figured maybe the lady told her but she wasn’t listening.
She got down from the cab and paid the cab guy and he drove off. She was still adjusting her dress when a ‘Keke na Pepe’ stopped in front of her and told her to enter. She asked him why and he replied “are you not the one coming for an interview”? She answered “yes”, and he told her he was sent to pick her up and take her to the office. At this point, she was slightly suspicious about the whole situation, so she decided to quickly call the number. The same guy answered the call and immediately asked her if she has seen the ‘Keke na Pepe’ that came to pick her up. She said she has seen it and before she could say any other thing, he told her to follow him immediately because the interview is about to start. According to her, she was becoming scared and uncomfortable but decided to take the chance and enter the ‘Keke na Pepe’, and the driver drove off.
When they were on the way, she tried making light conversations with the driver but he totally ignored her and kept driving. She asked him how long it’s going to take to get to the office and he replied “we’re almost there”. But close to ten minutes later, they still haven’t gotten to the place and she started panicking. She asked the driver why they haven’t gotten to the place yet and he replied “I told you we’ll get there soon, relax!”. At this point, her instincts are telling her something is wrong and that she needed to do something.
She told him to please stop the ‘keke na Pepe’ that she wants to ease herself, and he told her that she should try and wait when they get to the office. They suddenly entered an empty untarred road with no other vehicles or people around. She started feeling scared and brought out her phone from her bag and decided to call someone. The driver looked at her from the side mirror, suddenly stopped the ‘Keke’, held her hand and asked her “What are you doing, who are you calling?.. I told you we’re almost there”!. At this point, she concluded that something was definitely wrong because the driver was acting really weird, so she tried playing it cool and told him she was only trying to call the company and apologize for not being there yet, she even went ahead to show him her phone screen. According to her, that reply made him relax a bit and he turned around to start driving again. And she knew that was her chance to run. As he was starting the ‘Keke na Pepe’, he looked at her again through the side mirror and she pretended not to be panicked.
According to her, immediately he started the ‘Keke na Pepe’ and started moving, she said a prayer and quickly jumped out and started running back to where they came from with all her strength. As she was running, she heard the Keke stop and increased her speed without looking back. She eventually got to the bend that led to a main road and decided to look back, but didn’t see the driver. She kept running and finally got to an open area where she saw few people and calmed down a bit. She quickly entered a bus and went home.
When she got home and told her people about what happened, they tried calling the number that contacted her, but the number has been switched off. And because she doesn’t know the particular company that called her, there’s no way to find out the people that tried to kidnap her. And they later found out that the first address sent to her was a random supermarket but the second address was fake. Anyway, everyone is thanking God for saving her life this early new year.
Now, the confusing questions are:
  1. Does it mean that kidnappers now pose as companies online to kidnap people?
  2. If she didn’t actually send her application to the kidnappers online, how did they get a hold of her information?
  3. And does it mean they now intentionally use female voices at first, so you won’t suspect anything?
Please, if anyone has ideas to any of these questions, please let me know in the comment section. And if you’re a professional in job seeking or something like that, what advise do you have for job seekers who are fresh graduates and have no clue about the issue?

Charms makes me invisible to security agents.

A 35-year-old gang leader, Ehuiwe Akire, who specialised in trailing bank customers and dispossessing them of their money, has confessed that charms recovered from him made him invisible to security agents. Akire said that he started his life of crime as a local, and then slowly moved on to become leader of a gang of bank robbers.

Akire was arrested by operatives of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT) in Lagos State, headed by a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Philip Rieninwa. The police explained that the Akire is the leader of a six-man gang of robbers. The gang was formed in prison.

The police said: “The gang specialised in robbing customers who go to banks to withdraw huge amount of money. The gang used to snatch cash, handbags and phones. The gang also robbed passengers on highways.

Most of these passengers were those returning from long distant journeys.” Our reporter gathered that Akire grew up in Ajegunle area of Lagos State. It was in that community that he took to crime like duck to water.

He and his gang members were alleged to have been among suspected criminals terrorising Apapa, FESTAC, Mushin and Surulere areas in Lagos State. The suspect said: “We used to rob customers at beer parlors and people who go to cybercafés to do transactions.” Akire, who operated with two Beretta pistols, said that he had never killed.

“We only carry guns to intimidate people and make them to know that we meant business. We want them to quickly cooperate and comply with our instructions,” said Akire. According to the police, Akire was arrested on January 16, 2020, along Isheri-Igando Road when he and his gang members went on operation about 4:30pm. It was on that operation that Akire was arrested, while five of his gang members escaped. The gang was busted at Isheri- Igando Road. The thieves were on three operational motorcycles and alleged to have engaged the policemen in a shootout, but were overpowered.

The police recovered two pistols and charms from them. The police disclosed that Akire and his gang members had been on Police Wanted List for long and were declared wanted for robbery. Akire, who said that he has one daughter, stated that he was separated from his wife. He said that his wife left him after she found out that he was, “a common thief.”

He said: “I stopped my education at primary six. I was a bricklayer, but I was not making enough money. When all efforts I made to get money to stand on my own failed, I took to stealing. At times, when shop owners are sleeping, I’ll sneak into their shops and steal handsets, money from drawers and other things of value. I was making big money, but I couldn’t save. I became a womanizer and started taking women to hotels. I lived a reckless life.”

The gang leader explained that the separation from his wife made him to dive further into crime, with a strong determination to make it big in life. He said: “The opportunity to make it big came when I was arrested by policemen from Adeniji Adele Police Station. I was arrested and charged to court.

It was in prison that hardened inmates taught me how to rob in order to make big money.” Akire recalled that there was a time he was also arrested by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). He was also sent to prison.

His words: “It was in prison that I met an inmate named Festus. He initiated me into the world of robbery. Let me tell you the truth; it was after I dabbled into cultism that I became hardened. I joined the Eiye Confraternity. I bought two guns for the cult group and later bought one for myself.

It was cultism that gave my guts to carry guns around and go for operations. He saId: “We’re a six-man gang of armed robbers. We operate in Apapa, FESTAC, Mushin and Surulere. If we want to rob carry out robbery in banks, our member, Festus, would pose as a bank customer who wants to make a withdrawal. He’ll enter the banking hall and start to monitor the people who came to withdraw huge sums of money.”

He further explained that while Festus was inside the banking hall, checking out prospective victims, other members would be outside waiting for his signal. “Once the target had withdrawn money and came out, Festus would follow closely.

The moment the victim was out of the bank, Festus would signal the gang members outside by cleverly pointing at the victim,” said Akire. The suspect continued with his narration: “When the victim boards a taxi or commercial motorcycle, our members outside the bank, who are already on their motorcycles, would start trailing him until they get to the point where they would accost the victim and collect the money from him.” He recalled that his first victim was a woman.

“It was Festus that brought the girl as a target. He knew her very well. We robbed her,” stated Akire. Akire also explained that sometimes a gang member could be forced to team up with other gangs for operations, stating that he operated with three gangs.

He said: “I like holding two pistols just to play the big boy. Even when we go out for highway operations, I don’t use the guns on human beings. Rather I use the butts of the guns to hit the body of a car of a victim, just to put fear into them. Such moves used to make robbery operations easy.

When there are no robbery operations, I steal just to raise little money to keep body and soul together.” Akire said that whenever police arrested any of their members, others would flee and go underground until the dust settled.

He said: “We would go into hiding because we knew that police would want to use the arrested gang member to catch fleeing members.” He said that even as they were on the run they would sometimes run to other states for refuge. In those states, they might locate old gang members and team up with them for operations. “If one runs to another state and meets his old members, we would reunite and plan to work together.

That is easier since we had worked together before and understand ourselves rather than working with total strangers,” said Akire. He also said: “When I started robbery, gang leaders would relegate me since I didn’t have a gun. Possession of a gun finally placed me in a higher class. I became respected and an authority.” Speaking about the charms that police recovered from him, Akire claimed that they used to make him invisible. He recounted: “Before I went fully into armed robbery, I was a smuggler.

I used to carry contraband goods into Nigeria. Whenever I used the charm, customs officers wouldn’t be able to see me. The same applied to the police; they wouldn’t see me, let alone arrest me. I’ve vowed to God that if I regain my freedom, I would never take anything that belongs to my fellow human beings by force anymore. I will not rob again. I have not been able to save any money from robbery. My lifestyle doesn’t allow me to save. I sleep in hotels, stay in beer parlors and carry prostitutes.

I pay for hotel accommodation daily, drink beer and smoke marijuana. “At times, we used to go to other states to operate when security in Lagos was too tight. We used to go to Republic of Benin to rob. Sometimes we escape there to hide.

I used to make N20, 000, N40, 000, N150, 000 and N250, 000 in an operation. But the highest share I got after a robbery operation was N1.2million. I used the money to buy two plots of lands in a bush for N250, 000 each.

As you are getting old, try your best to reduced these things.

What you need to do when you reach the age of 40 years and above
While living fast and dying young isn't necessarily ideal, there is something to be said about maximizing your time as an able and healthy person on this earth. If you are 40 years of age and above this article is for you. If you are not yet up to 40years, it will be useful for you as well. So sit back and read carefully.

* Six Things to Reduce to The Minimum On Your Foods

Either you have clock 40 years of age, above 40 or about to, try your possible best and reduce these things.
* Salt.

* sugar.

* preserved meat and foods.

* red meat especially roasted.

* diary products.

* starchy products.

* Two Things to Check As Often As Possible

If you're are at this age, you should always check 

* Your blood pressure.

* Your blood sugar.

Make sure all of these are in good condition

* Five Things You Need to Do to Stay Healthy

At the age of 40 or above, you need to do these things in order for you to stay healthy.

* fasting.

* smiling/laughing.

* trek/exercise.

* reduce your weight. 

* Four Things to Increase In Your Foods

One you are at this age in your life, increase your consumption of these foods below cause it's really good for the body.

* Greens/vegetables.

* beans.

* fruits.

* nuts.

* Three Things You Need to Forget

Once you clock 40years, you need to forget these things cause it's not really necessary. 

* Your age.

* your bad past.

* your grievances.

* Five Things You Must Have

No matter how weak or how strong you are, you must strive to have these these Things listed below.

1. Friends who truly love you.

2. caring family.

3. positive thoughts.

4. a peaceful home.

5. forgiveness heart.

* Six Things You Don't Have to Do

At this age, you don't need suffer yourself again, these things must be done appropriately don't wait until someone tells you.

* Don't wait till you are sleepy to sleep.

* Don't wait till you feel tired to rest.

* Don't wait till you are thirsty to drink.

*.Don't wait till you are hungry to eat.

* Don't wait till you get sick to go for medical check-ups otherwise you will only regret later in life.

* Don’t wait till you have problem before you pray to God.

How 21 year old lady was rape during job interview in Lagos

There are all sorts of Interviews and job offers everywhere now, including online and this is because we all know how difficult it is to get job in Nigeria most especially in lagos.

This Evil doers takes that advantage to lure their victims to come for job interview, what we will advice is that before you set out to go anywhere for a job interview be sure of that location, address,the company itself and the environment, you can googleto verify or do your findings on how genuine that vacancy advert or Company is, before jumping into an unknown building in the name of job interviews.

Evil doers are all over the place no where is safe, including Ritualist uses this trick too so please this is going out to the public to be very observant and do torough findings when going to any location or company for a job interview.

Now the Story...

A 22-Year old job seeking young lady, (name withheld) that was promised one has been raped by the person who promised to give her the job in Lagos.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the suspect, 35-year old Babatunde Orekoya has been arrested for having unlawful carnal knowledge of the victim.

The incident happened at Awoyokun Street in Ilupeju area of Lagos where Orekoya resided.

It was gathered that the victim fell into the suspect’s trap when she contacted him, explained her condition and asked him to help get a job for her and Orekoya promised to do so.

On the day the incident happened, it was scooped that the suspect had called and informed her that he had gotten a job for her with good salary.

He then asked her to come to his house so that from there he will take her to the place for the routine interview and she will secure the job immediately.

However, the whole thing turned out to be a scam without the victim knowing that the suspect had such ulterior motive against her.

It was gathered that when the victim got to his house, he locked the door from inside, loaded the music system so that the neighbours will not hear her shouting during the act.

According to the victim, “He forcefully tore my pant, over powered me and penetrated before he allowed me to go.” She went home and told her parents what happened.

The matter was reported to the police at Ilupeju Division and the suspect was arrested and detained at the police station.

He was charged before Ogba Magistrates court for the alleged offence.

The presiding Magistrate, Mr. T.O. Shomade ordered him to be remanded in prison custody without granting him any bail.

The court adjourned the matter till 12 February, 2020, when the court will rule on his bail condition